To my fellow children of the 1970s

Take your bike out of your attic or garage and reconnect with the girl you used to be back in the freewheeling 1970s while welcoming the increasingly powerful woman you are always becoming.… Continue reading

Things to watch for

Rode to Decatur in the rain yesterday. I found out the trikes class I teach was cancelled for the day, but I just kept riding — 24 miles! Good to work on rain… Continue reading

Broken dreams, lost freedoms

On the corner of Boulevard and Freedom Parkway, I pause. I always pause. I love this view of Downtown Atlanta, but even more than that, I love thinking of my favorite Green Day… Continue reading

Which would you prefer?

Which bike lane would you prefer to ride in? Would you be surprised that the one on the right (known nationally as Pointy) is in a self-proclaimed family-friendly city and that the city… Continue reading

Say hi to Mini-Belty!

  Okay, I’m still working on this but here’s a sneak peek. Say hi to Mini-Belty! A 10-mile loop of CAR-FREE biking bliss in the City of Atlanta — and it’s not a… Continue reading

Coming full circle

My co-teacher and I have taught helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, basic trike handling, scanning, signals, turns, rules of the road, and numerous road hazard avoidance techniques and tips to our seniors-on-trikes students,… Continue reading

10 miles of protected bliss

Love to ride your bike but don’t want to ride with motor vehicle traffic? You’re not alone, and you’re not in need of confidence. Women have more than enough confidence. You need places… Continue reading

A doggy backpack

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike, I met a couple who ride around with their dog in a special backpack. He looked awfully happy with the wind blowing in his face.

A street wedding

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike at Atlanta Streets Alive, I came upon a public street wedding. I stayed for the whole ceremony. It was beautiful. Everyone cried and cheered.

Peace, and more

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike yesterday, I came upon moms with babies walking past men-in-camouflage with rifles who were having a protest in the midst of a counterprotest. Then, as a… Continue reading