You are needed

For parentsĀ of young children aching to take some positive action right now in our screwed-up world — If you truly want to make a difference, the best way to do that is locally*.… Continue reading

Epilogue: “Then she is an asshole”

I am working on the print version of my new book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike (currently instantly downloadable from Amazon globally — see USA link here/global links here). I am adding… Continue reading

8:15 AM on a Tuesday

Introducing 7mph

And so, that’s that. I went to meetings, answered surveys, did rubber-hits-the-road research, provided videos and photos, emailed city leaders, met in person with several city councilors yesterday prior to today’s transportation plan… Continue reading

My traveling bike lane

Riding my bike with a pool noodle (cut to three feet) sticking off the side of it has eliminated aggressive and illegal motor vehicle behavior toward me on my suburb-city’s streets for almost… Continue reading

Which path will our cities follow?

Leaders of oneĀ of the newest cities in the USA (my metro Atlanta suburb city — Dunwoody, Georgia) are voting to adopt the Comprehensive Transportation Plan update Monday night. It includes no safe, connected… Continue reading

What folks are saying

Hermetically sealed?

You actually don’t have to be hermetically sealed in a minivan for the next 20 years just because you’re a parent in suburbia, and you may not even have to move back to… Continue reading

A bike in the attic

Do you have a bike in the attic, too? This is mine. I took it down from the attic after twenty years. Everything changed after that. You may be surprised what happens in… Continue reading

Diane in Seattle

There is a woman in Seattle named Diane. She rides a bike. She read my new book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, shared about it on Twitter, and posted a five-star review… Continue reading