Bike noodle update

I know you’re wondering how the only person in the USA who actually tried that darn pool noodle sticking out of the side of a bike (like the guy in Toronto) is doing.… Continue reading

This bike rack is magic

This bike is Magic, of course, but so is this bike rack. That’s because it brings money to businesses. Bike riders like me vote with our pedals for businesses and cities that show… Continue reading

Magic in the city

Here are some “Magic Moments” of Magic in the city yesterday (yes, I do seem to be going into the City of Atlanta every weekend now, in addition to during the week, simply… Continue reading

Blink and they’re gone!

That’s it! Twenty-two Bike Rides in a Blink later and we’re done! See the whole series here. Movin’ on now. Maybe something with Magic next.

Bravo, Johns Creek (and some free advice)

I’m gonna go out on a limb and give the City of Johns Creek, Georgia a bravo for what’s happening on a 55-mph completely-non-human-scaled stretch of road named Peachtree Parkway. It’s not the… Continue reading

Timeless tips

Get timeless tips (including lots of bikey mentions!) to help increase your personal, family, and community resiliency during these trying times and beyond. Order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Better World Books… Continue reading

Pedal tips: a good fit, rusty chain, “on your left!” and twist it out

Welcome to Pedal TipsĀ (Issue #6), a weekly resource to help you get back on your bike again here in metropolitan Atlanta — and maybe even inspire you to action wherever you may live.… Continue reading

A trail worth following

Knowing how to pass people politely and safely is actually important (note: on the left, with audible signal of either a bell or saying “on your left”) because, well, there are lots of… Continue reading

Good will hunting

So bikes apparently got stolen and we didn’t have the sizes we needed for our Earn-a-Bike students. We went hunting for new ones by putting the word out on social media, and the… Continue reading

Departed art

Photos of public art that is now gone, why public art matters, and how to add public murals where you live