If just for a night

coryThis is Cory. I met him last night on my way to a play at a theater by my guerrilla garden. My life changed dramatically a few months ago and I hadn’t seen the garden since then. It was an absolute mess, despite my efforts to ensure its ongoing care. I was freshly showered and dressed up yet found myself with dirt under my nails, fixing things. Cory came by. He said, “Is that spearmint I smell?” We got to talking. He left with a handful of kale. The garden mattered again — I mattered — if just for a night.


2 thoughts on “If just for a night

  1. I just love this…I’m glad you are back to your first love..uour garden. My love. Did you go to the show,, after all. Love you., Phyllis Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi, Phyllis!!! Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I made it to the show, but I woke up worried about that little garden. There is no one to love it right now. I may go back and toss some pollinator flower seeds so the butterflies and bees take care of it, and it takes care of them.


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