Still here

skateboardersSo this is gone. But other murals by Kyle Brooks (such as the one pictured) are still here. Being enjoyed daily. By the public. For free. They will be gone one day, too. Do what I did, and buy a piece of Kyle’s art (or that of your favorite local artist) to keep. Your support helps keep artists in business. And that matters.



2 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Hi

    I love that you pop up in my life and love your musings. I think I’m going to come down in early May for about a week to see how Michael is doing as well as do the estate stuff. I have to trust that Amy and Michael will figure this out and frankly, need some time to heal.

    I want to thank you again for coordinating Janet and Donna coming with you. It did my heart good. As I hugged Janet goodbye she said “thank you for not being mad at me”. It reminds me that things that happen just aren’t personal even though they seem that way.

    I would love to bike with you again and see belty first hand.

    Happy Easter!




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