Seemingly silly

spexhibitOkay, not everyone looks at the Sunday Paper exhibit. In fact, most people don’t. But some do. That’s fun to see, and it’s potentially useful information learned during my year experimenting with a variety of found-space art techniques. I look forward to finding additional ways to use the rubber-hits-the-road knowledge I’ve gained to encourage food-for-thought about our changing world.  (If interested, see exhibits to date, and what’s still-to-come, here.) Who knows where any of this seemingly-silly stuff will lead?


2 thoughts on “Seemingly silly

  1. Interesting perspective you can have by seeing/watching reactions to your visual art. I sometimes wish I had that insight to people who “pass by” blog posts, but then I’m also happy I don’t! Live and learn….

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  2. Donna: I find the cultural anthropology of it all so interesting. The Court of Public Opinion re: public art is a more powerful and fair arbiter than any rules, regulations, could ever be. What stays, what goes, and why is sort of random but ultimately democratic. Regarding your blog, you are probably reaching more people and making a bigger difference than you could ever realize. Even if it’s just one person who changes something he or she does that day because of what he or she read . . . Keep writing!!!!


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