trolley5This guy harassed that woman so much from the second he got on the free public trolley. Yes, he spewed hatred I thought existed only in headlines. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I wondered if he had a gun. Yes, I have a snippet of it on video. Yes, the trolley driver made him get off, not far from a police precinct. Yes, the six or so people onboard with me all cheered when he left. (And, yes, I stayed on afterward to interview the trolley driver.) The whole scene has me trembling a bit. And thinking twice.


2 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. Sorry he shook your world. But being a New Yorker you know that this type of behavior is everywhere. The driver did the right thing and was very brave in escorting him off the bus. It is the other that cheered when he was taken off the bus that you should be focusing on. That good will always out weigh the bad


  2. Bob — Yeah, I know. I agree with you to focus on the positive (and thanks for the reminder). However, I don’t want to get numb to the negative or accept it as a normal part of life. It’s not okay to me.


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