justsayinThe free local newspaper-on-the-driveway didn’t cover this, so I will. When my suburb-city had its State of the City address this year, the new mayor (whom I mostly like, if you don’t mention chickens), spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about paving. In fact, his only message to Generation Z (or Millenials, for that matter) was this: “If you are 17 years old, I want you to know that in 20 years we’ll still be paving.” A substantial amount of the city’s budget goes to paving (hence, why there’s no money for things like protected bike lanes — oh, wait, that’s because the street sweeper won’t fit in them, or so I’m told). So with that goal of making sure no citizen ever hits a pothole, you’d think there’d be more citywide-support for, you know, reducing the wear-and-tear on the ole’ asphalt. Just sayin’.


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