You have to put your mind to it

ch7.jpgThese men were playing chess across the street from Atlanta City Hall today while I was there to witness a protest. I watched them for a bit and then asked if I could take a photo. The man on the right smiled and said yes, if it was okay with the man on the left. The other man was busy rolling up a new pair of socks he was just given. “She wants to take our picture. Is that okay with you?”the first man asked him. He said, “Sure, let me move a piece.” And then they modeled, back and forth, while I shot. “I never learned how to play chess,” I told them. “Why, you still can!’ the first man exclaimed. “You just have to put your mind to it!” I heard about an hour later that the fence is being moved so that homeless people can’t use the ledge. I never really did get the city hall protest story.


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