You know what’s coming

buhi“Streetscaping” has already started — faux-brick pedestrian crosswalks and those cute little streetlights that make you want to swing around them humming Singin’ in the Rain. The developers are sniffing around, even breaking ground with “luxury living!” Local advocates aiming to preserve and uplift the incredible diversity of people who live and toil along this strip-mall-centric stretch of speeding highway sponsor “Bus 39” tours — “travel like the locals for 40 bucks a person and you get to eat authentic dim sum!” God bless ’em, but you know what’s coming. It always does. Buford Highway (BuHi) is not very far from where I live but virtually impossible to get to or to ride safely via bike (and no, I’m not paying $35 for the annual bike tour). I’ve been accessing it via car (you can see my photo essay to date here), but I’ll start taking “the 39” for $2.50 with my MARTA card soon. Camera in hand.


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