Commute loot

image-3Okay, cool. You can buy hand warmers, batteries, a mini tool kit, spare spokes, lights, a little u-lock, sunscreen, that butter to rub on your privates for when you’ve ridden one mile too far and the chafing is killing you (yes, it’s a thing), and more. It’s right next to a free-to-use fixit station with tools and air, and a bikeshare station with “happy blue” bikes. Will people really use this thing? Is it a viable business? That’s not the point. The big news is that it says (simply by its presence) “bike riders welcome” and it earns points on the Bike Friendly Community checklist. I believe the City of Atlanta is shooting for silver-level certification right from the get-go (but at the rate it’s going, it might even get gold). If your community, business, or university is considering applying to become Bike Friendly-certified, note that there’s an education component. Here’s what I’m doing this next year in Decatur, GA. I’m also doing some one-on-one coaching of new and returning women on bikes (including community, corporate, and university leaders). If that’s you, let’s talk.


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