One month noodling around

img_5592-1Today marks the end of the fourth week I’ve been riding around my supposedly family-friendly city with a pool noodle sticking out of it to the side so that drivers give me the legally-required 3-feet to pass and don’t kill me. The results? Bike Noodle (coupled with Smart Cycling skills) has achieved 100% effectiveness (to date) in changing driver behavior to enable me to ride safely on public streets with zero incidents (note — if I “took the lane” in this narrow road on a usually-busy main road, as would be required for my safety, drivers would honk or yell at me to “share the road” so this sign makes no sense and leads to additional harassment). It has also kept me from being forced onto the sidewalks. You can read the story about my experience with Bike Noodle after five days here. Those same findings continued, plus I’m getting lots of waves from walkers, drivers, and fellow bike riders (who, by the way, have all been middle-aged men in Lycra — I have not seen one other woman or child out there riding this past month with the exception of a monthly family bike ride– women, see here). Stay tuned. My newly-designed sticker should be premiering this upcoming week, and if successful, will then be available for purchase online.

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