Breeze to share?

breezetoshare.jpgYou need a Breeze card in Atlanta to ride the train, bus, or streetcar. Well, you can pay with cash for the bus or streetcar but it’s a pain (and you get no transfers from the bus with cash). The Breeze card itself costs a buck or two just for the card, and then add the fare on top of that. It’s reloadable, so you only need to buy the card once. However, every person in your family has to have his or her own card when traveling. I meet a lot of folks while out and about on my bike for whom transportation is a huge hardship because they simply do not have the means to afford it. A lot of folks travel through Atlanta (or from the ‘burbs to sporting events or concerts) and have a Breeze card or two (or more) with a few bucks on each just rotting in their kitchen drawers (or they’re trashing them). Why not make it easy for them to unload them in an environmentally-sound way while doing some good at the same time? The cards could be given to organizations serving those in need. Drop boxes at city hotels and at the airport (where the train goes directly) seem like no-brainers. But then why hasn’t it been done yet? Or has it? I’m checking. P.S. And while we’re talking about this, why not do this in every city? (Note: David Mortlock at FareShare in Maryland seems to have figured it out. Maybe I’ll touch base with him.)


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