$121, week after week, adds up

sproutsOne hundred twenty one dollars worth of groceries. That’s how much fit in my bike panniers on this one visit to this grocery store. Add to that the almost-daily bike rides to this same store to pick up just an item or two at a time. In two weeks, I’d guess I alone cover the cost of that bike rack.

The supermarket directly across the street from this one does not have a bike rack. Do you know how many times I’ve been there in the two and a half  years since this store opened? I could count it on one hand. The economic impact of this store opening, with a bike rack, on that other store is a loss so far of almost $10,000, just for one customer. (Sorry, Kroger, but I have asked over and over again, now, haven’t I?)

My city does not require bike parking. I can count on two hands how many places actually have bike racks. Bike riders shop locally more, and more often, than others. Bike racks make business sense. At least they did to this store. And I can finally get there safely the half mile from my home now that I’ve been using #BikeNoodle.