Today’s nice stranger

robertI’ve run out of time. I have so many stories to tell you — about the lady with the lipstick, and the guy dancing in the subway, and my last harvest ever at the community garden, and so much more, but, alas, 2016 is just about gone and that means it’s time for a blank new slate. I will never tell those stories. I only have time to tell you about Robert. He saw the play Into the Woods when it first ran on Broadway and he thus fell in love with Bernadette Peters. He ran into her right there on the street (Broadway, of course), mere seconds before I met him last week. He showed me this picture that he took. I gave him my front and center spot at the Hamilton stage door because it meant more to him than me. He was nice. Well, so was I, I guess. I meet lots of Nice Strangers. In fact, I started an Instagram page just for photos of Today’s Nice Strangers in 2017. Follow it, if you are so inclined. It will be fun. And positive. And we need more of that, I think. Perhaps that’s something I can do to help.


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