Show it the door

doorzoneBike lanes right up against parked cars need to be shown the door (as in, eliminated). That’s because a door suddenly opened by a driver or passenger could lead to a chain of events such as those that kill or severely injure many bike riders every year. The League of American Bicyclists recommends bike riders give five feet clearance to parked cars in order to avoid being “doored.” That would put you and your bike two feet to the left of this bike lane, thereby making this bike lane completely useless (knowing how to “take the lane” is an important bike handling skill I can teach you, if you are a woman in metro Atlanta and would like to learn). I don’t know if this city counts this bike lane in its total miles of bike infrastructure (there are no bike markings), but I have seen clearly-marked bike lanes like these elsewhere (Edgewood Avenue in City of Atlanta, for instance). I do just want to emphasize making sure that national best practices proven to be safe are being considered when decisions about bike infrastructure are being made, that citizens who actually ride bikes are weighing in, and that completed bike infrastructure is being road-tested to see if it truly works.


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