cityofnorcross2I offered a free Pedal Power Hour presentation, targeting new and returning women-on-bikes, to any four north-metro Atlanta cities, corporate wellness or commute options departments, or advocacy groups before March 1 on Tuesdays from 11:30 AM – 1 PM (see details here). One city (the City of Norcross) has taken me up on it so far. In preparation, I road-tested its downtown streets via bike today. I aimed to hit my “Baker’s dozen” of common locations where a woman on bike might go — schools, work, retail, restaurants, banks, places of worship, city hall and other civic locations, community garden, arts locations, and more. I learned so much. I will be including photos (such as these) and comments in my presentation. Contact me here if you want your city, corporation, or advocacy group to host a Pedal Power Hour presentation as well. I will road-test where you are located, too. (Webinar and book coming soon for others elsewhere around the USA.)


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