Dead ‘possum

possum.jpgYou know the old saying (which I didn’t learn until I moved to Atlanta at 26 years old) — there’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead ‘possums (no one says opossum here). Well, turns out there are also dead ‘possums on the edges of bike lanes, too (as in this photo I took during my ride today). And it turns out there are dead cyclists, too, as in hundreds of them nationwide every single year. I’m not saying #BikeNoodle is fool-proof. All I’m saying is that it’s been 100% effective for 11 weeks now in securing me the space to which I’m legally entitled by passing motorists. Considering that at least half of the width of many bike lanes in my city are filled with debris, gravel, and salt right now (as you can see in the photo), #BikeNoodle means the difference between making bike riding  possible and, well, being a dead ‘possum.

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