Bikeshare at an outdoor mall

bikeshareavalonI had been to this “live/work/play” development a few times and had never really made my way around it all. It was a surprise when I discovered a bikeshare station there since there is no dedicated bike infrastructure and riding would mean navigating streets clogged with drivers and parking lots filled with obstacles. However, I went there this week on a day when there was very low traffic and I road-tested the bike. It was a good experience, except that I was the only one on a bike and a guy actually pulled me over and asked if I was the “ticket lady” because he just got a parking ticket and wasn’t all too happy about it. True story. Oh, also, I had to tighten the brakes — I’m not sure how often these bikes get maintained. I was glad I knew how to do that (plus also how to communicate clearly with drivers, and how to avoid the “door zone”). You will, too, after taking one of my classes.