suntrustpark.jpgSeems that bike riders are still on the sidelines (or rather, way beyond them) at the Atlanta Braves’ new Sun Trust Park. I rode as much as I could safely yesterday as close as I could to the stadium, with my everyday bike that an everyday family-oriented suburban fan might use (the stadium is in the ‘burbs now to be closer to the fan base, or so they say). All of these photos are within a five minute bike ride of home plate (you can see the stadium across the most dangerous highway in the USA behind my bike in the big photo in this collage). But, with opening day less than two months away, it doesn’t look like my Brave(s) Prediction from a Bike Rider in the ‘Burbs two years ago is going to come true, despite the incredible additional traffic problems predicted for this area once the stadium opens. Oh, well. One tries. One tries. (By the way, that path next to the highway is the only current bike path along the 63.98 mile Perimeter Highway/I-285. I had to drive my car with bike in it and park to gain access to it even though I live a not-unreasonable bike-ride-distance away. Imagine what is possible. I did — see here.)

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