Pedal tips: public art, old bike parts, new pocket guide, and car-free park

pedalpowertipsWelcome to Pedal Tips (Issue #3), a weekly resource to help you get back on your bike again here in metropolitan Atlanta — and maybe even inspire you to action wherever you may live. Need more help? If you are a new or returning woman-on-bike, contact me for one-on-one coaching. I also give hour-long Lunch-n-Learns to city, corporate, and community groups. Find out more here. Plus, I co-teach a fun class for seniors on trikes every Thursday in Decatur, starting up again March 1!!!!! (Email Sara Holmes to sign up.)

31203546011_410857ab61_o-2Art, art, art — Food isn’t the only thing that can fuel your ride. For me, a hunt for new street art keeps me moving forward as well, and Atlanta is filled with it. The good news? So many public murals are accessible via safe bike routes. There are even public mural bike racks! Wanna’ get a taste of Atlanta’s public mural scene? Take a look at my Art of Bike Riding photo album, plus you can take Bicycle Tours of Atlanta’s excellent general tour. You’ll not only see ever-changing art but you’ll hear some stories about it as well. Also, see more about the City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Living Walls, and Forward Warrior (and my 10-step plan to put public art on a wall near you). My private coaching classes can take you past art as well.

30496394984_faf92dc4bb_obraceletOld bike chains? — Wondering what to do with old or broken bike chains? Here’s one idea: I upcycle them into bike chain bracelets. Why not let your creativity go wild and see what you can create,too? Before you know it, you may be making all sorts of things with old bike parts. The important thing? Check your bike frequently and replace or fix parts as needed. Having a relationship with a local bike shop helps. (Hint: they can even provide you with old parts if you hit upon a good Etsy-worthy idea!)


pocketguide.jpgKeep this quick guide by your sideGeorgia Bikes puts out an excellent bike pocket guide that not only gives you the quick lowdown on bike rules of the road in the State of Georgia but also gives you something to show in case you get questioned by authorities who may not be in the know that you have the right to ride two abreast, you can take the lane when needed, and you are legally entitled to 3-feet clearance when motor vehicles pass. Contact Georgia Bikes for your copy (the new one, pictured, is hot off the presses!), attend bikey things where they are handed out, or take a class from me and I’ll give you one. Note: if you need legal guidance, contact the seasoned experts at Bike Law. They have attorneys specializing in bike accidents and issues across the USA.


Perfect for a picnic — Did you know that Atlanta’s Piedmont Park is (mostly) car-free? That means you can ride until you are exhausted without getting exhaust in your face! And then when you’re ready to rest, you can have a picnic right there in the park. If you haven’t been to Piedmont Park in years (or ever), why not give it a spin? You can even rent a Relay Bikeshare bike not far from where I shot the super-short Bike Ride in a Blink video below! That way, your “after riding” bike care responsibilities consist of simply returning it. Couldn’t be easier.

Hope to see you out and about this week! Tap in next week for more Pedal Tips.

Learning as I go,

Pattie Baker (LCI #5382)

P.S. See past issues of Pedal Tips, if you are interested:

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