Pedal tips: bike on a bus, quick release, runnels, and League events!

pedalpowertipsWelcome to Pedal Tips (Issue #5), a weekly resource to help you get back on your bike again here in metropolitan Atlanta — and maybe even inspire you to action wherever you may live. Need more help? If you are a new or returning woman-on-bike, contact me for one-on-one coaching. I also offer Lunch-n-Learns to city, corporate, and community groups. Find out more here. Plus, I co-teach a fun class for seniors on trikes (yep! it’s a trend!) every Thursday in the City of Decatur, GA (email Sara Holmes to sign up).

31203546011_410857ab61_o-2It’s no fuss to take the bus — You may know you can take your bike on the MARTA bus in the Atlanta metropolitan area (and on many buses in other cities), but not knowing how to do it may keep you from trying. Well, I’ll help you out with that in about five seconds! Take a peek at the following Bike Ride in a Blink, and you’ll see that it’s a breeze. You simply squeeze, drop, load, and secure! Then, just tap your Breeze card when you enter (which you can get from a kiosk at a train station) and you’re good to go. (See here for how to take your bike on a train and streetcar as well, you mass transit maverick!)

32369110351_61392d7095_oSweet release
— Did you know that you most likely have what’s called “quick releases”on your bikes? They are common on front and back wheels as well as on your seat. They make it easy to remove your tires for checking brakes, fixing flats, and loading your bike in the car. Plus, they make it easy to raise and lower your seat without any additional tools. There’s a trick to using them, and a tip or two to keep in mind to make sure they don’t catch onto something and open while you’re riding (which is bad). I can teach you this in your Pedal Power with Pattie private coaching session. Contact me to arrange. (You’ll also learn four types of scans, three types of stops, and more!)

31282106936_2c336d6046_oRunnels of love — There are at least three runnels on the Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail right now, and I suspect we’ll be seeing many more of them soon. In theory, I love them. In practice? Well . . . not all runnels are equal! Wait — not sure what a runnel even is, or how to use one? I have a bonus Bike Ride in a Blink for you today to show you. Note: I do not recommend using a runnel that is longer or steeper than the one shown. (Trust me on this one! I learned the hard way . . . )


A league of your own —
The only summit to which I made it on bike this year was the top of the hill in my neighborhood. Next year, however, I hope to see you at the National Bike Summit (which took place this week in Washington, DC), hosted by The League of American Bicyclists (the oldest advocacy group for bike riders and issues in the nation, founded in 1880). Not a member yet? Maybe it’s time to join. In addition to other benefits, you get access to great events going on all over the nation every single day on the League’s events page. (I have some listed!)

Hope to see you out and about this week! Tap in next week for more Pedal Tips.

Learning as I go,

Pattie Baker (LCI #5382)

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