Sneak peek at chapters 1, 2 and 3

keep pedaling forward the long road of revision ahead.

17457796_10154558543622887_8715328263457943552_nChapter 1 (A Time Machine), Chapter 2 (Set Free), and Chapter 3 (Pedaling as Fast as I Can) of my new book-in-progress, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, are up on FoodShed Planet. I expect the draft of the entire book (eight chapters memoir/eight chapters-how-to) and the formal book proposal to be complete within the next month so I can start approaching agents during Bike Month (May). I will then build out a microsite for photos, updates, etc. and commence the long road ahead of editing, revision, and production. As always, I’m trusting the journey.

If you are interested in my current published books, see Amazon in all global markets. Here is the USA link. My first book, Food for My Daughters, will also be for sale at a local festival called Lemonade Days April 22-23.