The creek to city hall

So I rode my bike ten miles round-trip yesterday in order to deliver something to my local city hall. My safest route, in regards to motor vehicle traffic, required me to walk like Jesus on water (assuming Jesus hoisted his bicycle up on his shoulder) and then scale a ravine on one side. The return (shown in the video) was a little easier because I got to shimmy down the ravine before the slippery-rock-studded crossing.

The good news? I hear a bridge for walkers and bike riders is going to be built this year. City Hall is moving, but the bridge will connect neighborhoods with the largest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters in the southeastern United States, a huge retail district, and two MARTA mass transit stations (both with bike parking). The other good news? That I didn’t wait until today to run my civic errand because torrential all-day downpours would have required me to swim across that creek.



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