Shout-out to the REI Outdoor School

PicMonkey Collage-2.jpgI hung around the Dunwoody Cycling Festival yesterday (after teaching a Bike Rodeo in the certified bike-friendly City of Decatur the day before), which was a partnership between my suburb-city and the REI Outdoor School. The instructors did a nice job with teaching kids to ride bikes for the first time, and with teaching basic skills to those of all ages who already know how to ride.

I see online that the REI Outdoor School in metro Atlanta offers one-on-one classes in the same park where I offer my Pedal Power with Pattie classes (which is where this festival was), and that they are booked solid until something like August. I see two ways forward for me here — I am an alternative option for students (I charge less than REI, and I am specifically interested in teaching new and returning women-on-bikes), AND/OR I could be an additional part-time instructor for REI with this specific focus. I’m already a member of the co-op (and have, in fact, taken three of its bike maintenance classes).

Hey, REI, you need a League Cycling Instructor? I know one who lives right in your community who is also a professional communicator (Klout score over 60/top 1% influencer) who could help amplify what you do so well. Let’s talk.

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