Our trikes

IMG_4973-2Our Silver Spokes seniors-on-trikes class is growing like mad (our roster for June includes these fine folks plus three others who were with the other trike in another location). In fact, we just bought another trike for our fleet, bringing the total up to four (which the students share).

Many folks have asked what brand and model we use (including a city bus driver in Charlotte, NC who is also a League Cycling Instructor and is now starting a similar seniors-on-trikes class there). Ours is the 7-speed folding model that is in this link. Ours are all bright red. They all have hand brakes. If you are getting a fleet, I’d recommend at least one with coaster (foot) brakes for any seniors who have gripping challenges. Also, some seniors who haven’t ridden since they were kids never used hand brakes and may prefer the foot brakes.

I recommend you buy the trikes through a local bike shop so they can be assembled and serviced there — ours have required a lot of adjustments. They can also do the coaster brake conversion, if needed.

Please feel free to connect with me if I can help in any other way or just to share your success story with trikes! Also, stay tuned for updates about my work-in-progress, Traveling at the Speed of Bike.  It’s a memoir. It’s a movement.


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