Coming full circle

c2254376010a85296d66598cb89c4d23My co-teacher and I have taught helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, basic trike handling, scanning, signals, turns, rules of the road, and numerous road hazard avoidance techniques and tips to our seniors-on-trikes students, and all students made it up and down a big hill today while practicing gear shifting. One student (a terrific Vietnam vet from Brooklyn) may be asking his family for a trike for Father’s Day. We have 2 weeks left in this session and have still to work on some group riding and trail riding skills while building endurance and reinforcing already-taught skills. We then take a break until Fall, when there will be September and October sessions (each 4 weeks). Sign up in August at Decatur Active Living

Plus, there are two more bike rodeos for kids coming up in the fall, as well as another possible Earn-a-Bike session for youth in need. There is also talk of some bike-riding-for-adults classes as well in the Fall — I will update you as we get closer.

This is a paid encore-career job for me and I am very grateful to the City of Decatur ( a League of American Bicyclists certified Bronze-level Bike Friendly Community and Platinum Atlanta Regional Commission Green Community) for valuing bike skills education for its citizens, and for entrusting me with that responsibility. Considering that I was the one who wrote the Commute Options series of brochures for ARC for the Centennial Olympic Games over 20 years ago to encourage more biking and other non-car options (in my other career as a communications professional), this feels like I’ve come full-circle.


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