To my fellow children of the 1970s

sobcover2-2Take your bike out of your attic or garage and reconnect with the girl you used to be back in the freewheeling 1970s while welcoming the increasingly powerful woman you are always becoming.

Traveling at the Speed of Bike puts the joy back in the conversation about bike riding in today’s world and helps you overcome barriers to participation in the movement sweeping the nation.

This is not a book about riding cross-country. It’s about riding to the supermarket or city hall without getting killed, it’s about aging in an ageist society, and it’s about refusing to be marginalized in our public spaces as we do what used to be the most simple and natural thing in the world.

Expected publication date: early 2018. In the meantime, join in on the conversation on Instagram and Twitter at #TravelingAtTheSpeedofBike.