This thing is happening!!!

16628246373_bb2149ee94_o-3I am off-the-charts with excitement! This thing is happening! I was hoping to publish with Microcosm Publishing (publishers of AMAZING bikey advocacy books, and more) but I haven’t heard back from my query-about-sending-a-query (which is their online process), and I don’t have time to wait. I turn 54 years old next month and I take my life in my hands every single time I ride my bike to the supermarket one half mile from my home. I am not goin’ down with unpublished books under my bed!

And so, I’m going LIVE with this on Kindle all over the world (downloadable to all devices) the first week of August, especially now that I finally have a cover I LOVE. (It took a while for me to realize the obvious — it is a love story!) Stay tuned! This book will be priced less than a latté and I can (almost) guarantee you that something in it will change, and possibly even save, your life. Traveling at the speed of bike saved mine.


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