Fed up with FedEx

GOPR2456I’m fed up with FedEx regularly endangering bike riders by blocking bike lanes. This spot is particularly bad because this is (usually) a two-way protected bike lane (and FedEx employees know it) where the planters that protected the lane have been moved temporarily for repaving. To go around the truck, I am forced to ride into oncoming traffic (and notice how the ambulance is just waiting for me).

This following 10-second video shows a bike lane that is blocked almost constantly. In this case, when I said, “Bike lane,” as I passed (you can hear it in the video), the driver replied, “I’m delivering.” (There was a FedEx logo by the driver’s door.) You know what? I delivered two babies, and they expect their mom to come home alive.

fullsizeoutput_8f7I’d like to say I’m boycotting FedEx, but UPS and the USPS are just as bad. The good news? I did see an Atlanta Police officer in a cruiser turn on the blue lights and pull up alongside a driver who was blocking the same bike lane in another spot (pictured) and the driver quickly moved. So that’s progress, right? Maybe the officer saw me coming with my little blue bike bell and my streamers flying in the wind and took pity on me. (Thank you.)


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