Multi-use path reconnaissance

PicMonkey Collage-3.jpg

Good evening, Mayor and City Councilmembers. After I sent you my previous email today (thank you, Pam and Lynn, for your responses to me today), I rode my bike to Brook Run and ran my GoPro video while riding to see what it looks like to pass people on that 12-foot multi-use path. I was thinking a reduction in size to 10 feet (which I believe is the legal minimum for a multi-use path) might be an option on Tilly Mill. However, I would say from my lived experience that any tighter than 12 feet will result in both danger and discomfort for both bike riders and walkers. My experience today included zero strollers, but strollers are common on multi-use paths and take up a lot of room (plus many stroller-pushers have dogs as well, and they often walk two-strollers abreast).

Above is a collage of still frame captures, plus here is a 40-second video. Please note that many walkers walk 3-across, over the line, with headphones, and while looking at their phones (as you can see in the photo collage). This is reality. As for bike riders, I give audible signal most times I pass but most bike riders don’t. Education is one of the five Es for becoming a certified Bicycle Friendly Community and proper multiuse path etiquette is a useful skill to teach. (In fact, it is included in the classes I teach to seniors-on-trikes and youth on bikes in the City of Decatur.)

Just thought you might find this rubber-hits-the-road info useful. If I can provide you with anything else as an everyday utilitarian bike rider in this city as well as the City of Atlanta, please let me know.

Learning as I grow,
Pattie Baker


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