A road named Tilly Mill

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The story about when I almost got killed by a truck driver kicks off chapter 3 in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It took place on a road named Tilly Mill, which is one of the most dangerous roads I experience in my suburb-city for numerous reasons. It’s also the subject of this article today.

I wish creating a cohesive, connected network that provides safe access-for-all was a source of pride, not divide, in my suburb-city, as it is in so many other USA cities right now. But that’s not even a potential outcome in the soon-to-be-adopted Master Transportation Plan update (and no, there is no plan for a Dunwoody Woodline). The proposed changes do not, at any point in the near or long-term future, add up to a complete, safe network (here are the other comments I submitted about it during one of many public input opportunities). Which is not only sad, but life-threatening, especially in a self-proclaimed “family friendly” city.

*Reminder: Click here to see examples of where sharrows make sense. Not on main roads, as is currently being proposed in the transportation plan update. Tilly Mill Road, shown below, is an example of where they do not provide any additional access or safety:

P.S. I just sent the following email to my suburb-city’s mayor and city council members. (For more tips about how you can get involved where you live, see Chapter 10 in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, available on Amazon in all global markets, instantly downloadable to any device.)

Good morning, Mayor and Council. Thank you for all you do. Please consider holding off on the Master Transportation Plan update until there are plans included in it for a cohesive, connected network that provides safe-access-for-all. Currently, that does not exist in the plan in either the short or long-term future. Here are my additional final comments about it, if you are interested. If I can be helpful or provide any additional input, photos, videos, etc., please let me know.

I believe the City of Dunwoody can be a local, regional, and national leader in creating a truly livable city for all, now and in the future.

Learning as I grow,
Pattie Baker
Citizen, Voter, Walker, Driver, Bike Rider, Mom, Soon-to-Be-Senior


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