Riding bikes to school


Peachtree Charter Middle School (the other rack was empty)

Yesterday was the first day of school in my county. On my local bike ride, I passed bike racks at four schools in my self-proclaimed “family friendly” suburb-city — there were two bikes at the high school, three at the middle school, and zero at two elementary schools. I was reminded of this post from when my daughters and I used to ride to school. It’s called Hallelujah, and you may enjoy it. The last part is this:

There comes a moment when you lie on the cool, mossy earth and you gaze up at the heavens and you feel the strength of your body and the joy in your heart and you exclaim one thing and one thing only.


See the rest of the post here (it’s also included in my first book, Food for My Daughters). For a book more exclusively about the joys and challenges of bike riding, see Traveling at the Speed of Bike.