About Me

bikebioI create marketing content for companies and nonprofits;  fiction and nonfiction books available on Amazon around the world (and numerous published short stories); feature articles in publications and on global sites; an ad-supported blog about our changing world; and photo essays about issues close to my heart. See my resume here. See my new book, titled Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I also teach Smart Cycling skills, grow organic food, and work as a street photographer documenting change in our cities. (Plus, I believe I am the only person in the world publishing at the intersection of street photography and flash fiction. Could that be true?) Stay tuned for more about my art studio, 7 MPH.

I’ve worked with a ton of companies and nonprofits (here’s my LinkedIn profile). If you’re a company doing good, I’d like to work with you. As a seasoned professional and a member of Mensa, I learn quickly and I don’t waste your time or money. I get to the heart of your story, from your C-suite to your factory floor, and help you showcase your organization’s commitment to triple-bottom-line sustainability. Let’s talk.