A doggy backpack

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike, I met a couple who ride around with their dog in a special backpack. He looked awfully happy with the wind blowing in his face.

A street wedding

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike at Atlanta Streets Alive, I came upon a public street wedding. I stayed for the whole ceremony. It was beautiful. Everyone cried and cheered.

Peace, and more

While Traveling at the Speed of Bike yesterday, I came upon moms with babies walking past men-in-camouflage with rifles who were having a protest in the midst of a counterprotest. Then, as a… Continue reading

Our trikes

Our Silver Spokes seniors-on-trikes class is growing like mad (our roster for June includes these fine folks plus three others who were with the other trike in another location). In fact, we just… Continue reading

Bikey beer

It’s not organic (and that actually matters to me) but look at the cute bikey illustration! I bought it. Only problem? I have yet to find time to drink any of it because,… Continue reading

Simple pleasures

I took the train into the Arts Center transit station in Midtown Atlanta this morning at the crack of dawn with my bike and my weird little folding chair for the train, and… Continue reading

I’d like to teach the world to ride

I’d like to teach the world (specifically women) to ride. Maybe I should start with Coca Cola’s global headquarters, which is right on and near some astounding protected bike lanes and paths. There’s… Continue reading

Slide her some slack

Slide Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s Executive Director Rebecca Serna some slack if she’s late to a meeting. Here’s what happens when she rides.

Relic of history

This sign will be a relic of history.

So now you know

This is the world’s largest metal bird sculpture, at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta, GA, USA. So now you know, in case you were wondering where it was.