Tilly Mill Road at noon on a Monday

This is a quiet time of the day on this main road in my suburb-city. I am riding to the park where there’s actually a lovely multi-use trail just 2.5 miles from my… Continue reading

Riding bikes to school

Yesterday was the first day of school in my county. On my local bike ride, I passed bike racks at four schools in my self-proclaimed “family friendly” suburb-city — there were two bikes… Continue reading

Who you calling’ . . .

And then you catch an unexpected glimpse of your strong and fearless self and you think, “who you calling’ a vulnerable road user?!”

If you don’t see this

Multi-use path reconnaissance

Good evening, Mayor and City Councilmembers. After I sent you my previous email today (thank you, Pam and Lynn, for your responses to me today), I rode my bike to Brook Run and… Continue reading

A road named Tilly Mill

The story about when I almost got killed by a truck driver kicks off chapter 3 in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It took place on a road named Tilly… Continue reading

Google Sysco bike lanes

Just Google Sysco bike lanes and see for yourself. This is not just happening on Edgewood Avenue in Downtown Atlanta. This company simply doesn’t seem to care that in engages in illegal activity… Continue reading

A chip off the ole’ block

So I come upon this Frito Lay truck parked in the bike lane on Edgewood Avenue in Downtown Atlanta. As I’m swerving around it on my bike in vehicular traffic, I get to… Continue reading

Barbie Alley

A rock-throw away from the flashy new Mercedes Benz stadium peeks a lane punctuated by an old brick building with windows flung open and a huge mattress dangling out of the dumpster. Halfway… Continue reading

Baby Driver, by bike

I really enjoyed ┬áthe movie, Baby Driver, which I saw with my mother! FYI, here are a couple of the locations in the movie — the coffee shop called Octane is actually a… Continue reading