96% said yes!

Cool! I just got the results of my one-day Amazon sweepstakes for a free download of my new book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Congrats to the winner, Robin Tinnon. Entrants had… Continue reading

What people who ride bikes look like

Now available all over the world

Traveling at the Speed of Bike is now available on Amazon all over the world (see direct links here). It’s less than a two-hour read for less than the cost of a latté,… Continue reading

From complete mess to Complete Street

It’s a complete mess now. But before long, it is slated to become a “Complete Street,” which means it will provide safe access for all. I hope that’s before the weeds eat me!

Fed up with FedEx

I’m fed up with FedEx regularly endangering bike riders by blocking bike lanes. This spot is particularly bad because this is (usually) a two-way protected bike lane (and FedEx employees know it) where… Continue reading

Rock this world

I got lucky and caught this scene right by my favorite “You go, girl” graffiti. Added a line from my new book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Those two girls on the… Continue reading

Public displays of advocacy

So I put this photo on Twitter last Sunday with a note reminding Publix about “3 feet, please!” and that it’s not a good idea to kill moms when you’re a supermarket. The… Continue reading

This one’s for you

This is what happens when a middle-aged mom takes her bike out of the attic after 20 years and tries to get places with her own power and freedom. Despite every challenge —… Continue reading

City leaders think this is fine

Below is the view going towards the supermarket (and please note I am using #BikeNoodle, so it’s better than usual):

This thing is happening!!!

I am off-the-charts with excitement! This thing is happening! I was hoping to publish with Microcosm Publishing (publishers of AMAZING bikey advocacy books, and more) but I haven’t heard back from my query-about-sending-a-query… Continue reading