Crossing bridges together

We’re crossing bridges together as a people-powered community. One paved mile at a time.

Rush Hour on Belty

Rush Hour on Belty. Mostly a rush of endorphins.

Bikey classes

Been asked to teach bikey classes in the suburb-city where I live — but I already do! Just posting to get the word out more. I offer private classes for new and returning-women-on… Continue reading

When the time is ripe

Apple tree is gone. Things change. Moral of story: pick apples and hang out on branches when the time is, well, ripe.

Public piano concert?

I am in love with public pianos. Here is some of my street photography from times I’ve come upon folks playing while out and about on my bike. I also have some very… Continue reading

You meet people

You meet people when you ride a bike. Usually fun people.

Here’s how

So a woman who uses a wheelchair rode an adult tricycle this past Wednesday. Here’s how.   

Beauty abounds

The news is so dire right now, and it bombards us constantly. Bike riding helps. Passing art like this reminds me that beauty abounds and the human spirit is capable of so much good.

Art matters. Consider expressing yourself though any type of art, or supporting those who do. You are needed. (See Come Now the Artists.)

If you like street murals, you may enjoy my Art of Bike Riding album. If you like art in all forms, check out my younger daughter’s recently-released second album. (I give you the Amazon link, but it’s also available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.) It’s really beautiful — I like to listen to it while planting seeds, which they say is the ultimate act of faith in the future (which I still have).

You are $6 away from this . . .

I wear a body camera now, You are six dollars away from the opportunity to see if #BikeNoodle will help you ride your bike on roads with no bike lanes, bike lanes that… Continue reading

Fell down a microcosmic rabbit hole

Wow. Am so excited. I have fallen down a fabulous rabbit hole of indie bikey books, while writing Part 2 of my own possible contribution to the cause! I’ve already read a few… Continue reading