On our cities’ streets

I volunteered at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s Rolling Town Hall yesterday, which featured candidates for mayor and many others running for public office. Each candidate got up and spoke about his or her support for bikes. I had a personal experience while on the ride that followed the speeches. You can read about that here, if interested. I just want candidates in Atlanta and across the USA to keep this photo in mind when they think about bike riders on our cities’ streets.

Today’s nice stranger

These are selections from my Today’s Nice Stranger street photo collection as reminder that there is so, so much good in the world. Meet someone new today! (Hint: Being on bike helps.)

Tonight’s ride of silence

Tonight’s International Ride of Silence is a stark reminder that hundreds of bike riders are killed in our public spaces known as streets each and every year. I was almost one of them… Continue reading

Bike to Work Week

I live a seemingly-easy four-to-five mile bike ride from the largest concentration of Fortune 500 headquarters in the southeastern United States. During National Bike to Work Week this week, I’ve been “commuting” to… Continue reading

Bike. Beach.

Could be a great city for bike riders. Isn’t yet.

Danger flags

I’ve been going to the very interesting oceanfront city of Delray Beach, Florida for 27 years now (relatives of mine live there) and have loved seeing the increased commitment to sustainability obvious in… Continue reading

ABC quick check in a runaway country

The ABC Quick Check is when you check your Air, Brakes, Chain, Quick Release and bike in general before riding. However, on days like today (and many previous days due to current events)… Continue reading

Published short stories

If interested, my flash fiction story, Raking the Lizards, has been published by The Drum Literary Magazine, plus 5 other stories were published by Literate Sunday (one of which is a finalist for… Continue reading

Who’s up for this?

Here’s what we’re doing in the certified bike-friendly city of Decatur, GA with the Decatur Active Living department. I posted this collage on Twitter and have already seen interest in doing something similar… Continue reading

Rode to Joy

Rode to Joy from Pattie Baker on Vimeo. This is from a few years ago. A lot has changed since then — mostly for the better! Infrastructure keeps improving, and the joy I… Continue reading