A Come-to-Jesus Moment

A two-way protected bike lane in a majority African-American neighborhood in Atlanta was just removed (right down to the street markings) by the city. Something about the church needing the space for parking,… Continue reading

Peak Bike

I thought everyone rode bikes as kids but am learning history and discovered that Peak Bike was 1970-1974 (for many very interesting reasons). Which is when I was ages 7-11 (peak impression time).… Continue reading

Route selection

Why “route selection” matters — if you are uncomfortable riding on main roads or don’t want to assume that level of risk for whatever reason, sometimes there’s a lovely and quiet parallel street… Continue reading

Peachtree Street

This is what it looks like to ride my bike on Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta.


I was coming home from somewhere. Heels, dress, the works. My bike was in the car, as usual. I stopped to ride along the river, streamers flying, dress flapping in the wind, hair… Continue reading

Women on the street

Yesterday, I passed the convicted sexual predator, Robert McKensie, right before my bike ride to the new street murals on Wylie Street in Atlanta. He has a history of chasing women on bikes… Continue reading


So my suburb-city is having a selfie-in-the-park contest. And I guy I didn’t know (who just so happened to ride by when I was shooting a selfie) and I rode bikes to almost… Continue reading

Wave a flag for choice — you have a voice!

Happy July 4th. Today is the day when my metropolitan Atlanta city hosts the largest Fourth of July Parade in the USA state of Georgia. It is a day when it is clear… Continue reading

Cover idea #23

What I end up with may be completely different. I think I just enjoy designing covers. This is the latest.

2 effective uses of sharrows

Sharrows (those painted “share arrows” you see on the road sometimes) do not give bike riders any additional access or protection than that to which they are already legally entitled. Bike riders can… Continue reading