Shout-out to the REI Outdoor School

I hung around the Dunwoody Cycling Festival yesterday (after teaching a Bike Rodeo in the certified bike-friendly City of Decatur the day before), which was a partnership between my suburb-city and the REI… Continue reading

Providing the lane

This is what it looks like when a city provides you with a lane of your own, and you don’t have to worry about motor vehicle drivers at all.

Taking the lane

 This is what it looks like when you “take the lane.” It keeps drivers from trying to squeeze by you in the same lane.

Another #bikenoodle user

This is Clarence. He asked me about #BikeNoodle (pictured, on Magic) about a month ago. He told me this week he is riding around with TWO of them. I am no longer the… Continue reading

No people of color?

Ouch. Two recent visuals (including this one) released from my suburb-city (although great news about bikey stuff!) show no racial diversity (although I’m on  the fence about that man the white jacket).  There… Continue reading

U.S. healthcare

If ever there were a time to pedal your way into better health, it would be now. It can’t solve all problems but it can alleviate or reduce some, while making you stronger… Continue reading

10,000 cars and one bike

I hear something like 10,000 cars travel this road each day in the suburb-city where I live. I can’t avoid it — it’s the only way to my home. I am usually the… Continue reading

Before the first ghost bike

In honor of National Bike Month, I offer you this PSA I created a while back as a reminder that we’re talking life and death here, folks, and cities have responsibility for providing… Continue reading

Traveling bike lane

This bike lane ends, but I don’t (at least, I hope not yet). Even though the bike lanes where I live are a nice start, the truth is they are often too narrow,… Continue reading

Bike lanes help

Yes, bike lanes help. Even when they are too narrow. Even when they don’t connect. But here’s what makes them better.