Chalk it up to fun

Recurring characters are fun, for writers as well as readers (I hope).┬áMy fictional works have a few recurring characters, at different life stages. Alison from Life Sentences shows up in Stranger Things Happen,… Continue reading

Instant heirloom

A grandfather made one of these for his first grandchild. Now he sells them. Tis solid piece of furniture is painfully gorgeous, thoughtfully designed, and sustainably built. How nice to pass on something… Continue reading

The thing about permission

The thing about permission is that we don’t really need it. We don’t need permission (in more cases and places than you may think) to plant, to publish, to perform, to protest, and… Continue reading


Fourteen years ago this week, after the planes hit the buildings, I stood in the supermarket and wondered what to buy in case terrorists hit our food supply (as we have only three… Continue reading

Introducing Fresh Baked Gallery’s fall schedule

I’ve always wanted a gallery, and now I’m doing it–the introvert way. Introducing Fresh Baked Gallery–a virtual gallery, leaning green, with found space, guerrilla, and cause-marketing extensions. The Fall 2015 shows (see schedule… Continue reading

I still can’t talk about it

My daughters and I watch the sunrise at the ocean every year. I get nervous when they swim there, however, even though I grew up a water rat on Long Island, because my… Continue reading

People opposed this?

Oh, my lord, the amount of time I have to waste advocating for the completely obvious! Can you believe people (in charge!) were against this bike lane (and many others)? Um, helloooooo! Welcome… Continue reading

In tandem (or not)

Some days you just get sent little gifts when you’re out there shooting street photography . . .

Sign of the day

This was clever. And then I found a whole pile of signs leaning against a fence, all with different messages from The Grass. I like the idea of The Grass as a character.… Continue reading

Guerilla garden

I’ve started or revived a lot of gardens around Atlanta, but my latest is the smallest of all. I started it two years ago in an unloved spot. I grow mostly spearmint and… Continue reading