I’ve named her Zella

The White Dress is showing up everywhere (check out the Flickr album) so I’ve named her Zella (as in Woody Allen’s Zelig).

I’ll take Manhattan

Um, just sayin’, folks. If NYC can figure this out, am thinking suburbia can, too.

D’s Dad

Saw Farmer D’s dad, Stanley Joffe, when I stopped by that sweet store the other day. Wrote for them a ton a while back.

This just kinda’ happened

There may end up being, like, hundreds of these. All because I took that left.


Saw Kyle. Got art. See more about him here.

Community garden

 Photo #2 in The White Dress Series

Turned left instead of right today

Traffic. Backed up. Turned left instead of right today and stumbled upon an old white dress splayed across a pile of wood chips. And then this happened. And this. I feel a series… Continue reading

Well, hello there

Swung by Farmer D Organics’ sweet shop in Atlanta yesterday and said, “Well, hello there!” when I saw one of my books displayed. Turns out there are only three left in store. Timeless… Continue reading

Amidst the mahjong tables

Long before sunrise, amidst the mahjong tables and boot camp joggers, a lone writer works on her new novella, Leaving Disturbia . . .

Art of bike riding

Murals come, murals go. This one’s brand new this week. See The Art of Bike Riding for more.