Wall is falling

This wall is falling. I have hunks of it. I’m making new art out of it. I think it’s going to be the first show in my new gallery. There’s probably going to… Continue reading

That picture

I’m not showing that picture. You’ve seen it in the past 24 hours. It joins historically-significant photos such as the one of the woman and the kids during the Dust Bowl, and the… Continue reading


So the traffic thing. That whole saga from a few years ago that made metro-Atlanta the nation’s laughing stock? Not caused by a storm, folks (we’re talking two inches of snow total). Caused… Continue reading

Still a winner

Cool. John won again. Here’s a guy who garnered 87% of the vote to become one of the original leaders of my suburb-city when it was the newest city in the United States.… Continue reading

A method to my madness

So, yeah, I’ve been burning picture edges, gorilla-gluing them to hunks of fallen street art wall, and wrapping them in wire. There’s a reason . . .

So ridiculously good

Look, I like my book about gardening and stuff, but frankly, this one is more useful. It’s pretty much the best gardening book you can buy. I re-read it again yesterday and consider… Continue reading

Art everywhere

So much frickin’ public art in Atlanta! I was just in New York City, and let me tell you, NYC has Atlanta beat on a whole lot of stuff, but not public art.… Continue reading

By the pound, baby

What’s the difference between an urban gardener and an urban farmer? It’s simple. As soon as you start ordering kale seeds in bulk, you’ve crossed the line. (I used to be a gardener… Continue reading

Alone in a crowd

Biggest indie book festival in the United States this weekend. ┬áPlus that DragonCon thing. Great street photography opportunities. I’ll be there (at both). But you won’t know it (unless you look on the… Continue reading

Bare chests of Times Square

There’s been so much talk about the bare chests in Times Square that I thought I should drag out my street photograph from this past Christmas. That had to be cold.