Dark, dark, dark (fun!)

Ooooh, I’m loving working on my new fiction. Dark stuff, folks. Great fun for a writer! Here are the first few lines: A lawnmower. A hamster cage. The marital mattress. Recycled rage. Detritus… Continue reading

What’s around the bend

Public spaces. Feeling like a guest in nature, and at home in the world. Free to explore what’s around the bend in the road. Making it my life’s purpose.

The ecstatic skin

Tintillating titles like Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth. With chapters titled Crevice Invasion, On Gopher Humps, and The Pharmacy of Molds. Such a crowd-pleaser that it got made into a movie. The kind… Continue reading

The plot thickens . . .

Weird rainy Sunday morning oh-by-the-way: I’m using some of the street photographs I shot recently in New York (along with my Garbage Day series from suburbia) as inspiration for my new novel, Leaving… Continue reading

FREE, for two days only

 My gift to you today and tomorrow.  Click here to download instantly to your Kindle or free Kindle app. If you like it, please share some kind words in the Amazon reviews and… Continue reading


It’s been crazy. I’ve been going down all these difference roads for so many years now and they are finally coming together. It’s all starting to make sense, and I can’t wait to… Continue reading